We developed this project at the request of the Pedreguer City Council to provide the municipality with a space in which to hold concerts and events. Inspired by its musical essence, we designed a perforated outer shell that evokes music box sheets and the reflection of a mirror ball upon the dance floor.

TAMAÑO 600m²


AÑO 2012



Given the nocturnal and leisure use of the space, we opted to create a building that is closed off from the outside but whose exterior manages to convey what is happening within. We designed a prism with a red, gabled roof that surprises in contrast to the lead-colored concrete buildings that surround it. By giving it this shape, we differentiate it from the rest of the constructions and give protagonism to the roof so that contemplating it from the road is a pleasant experience. Finally, we covered the walls with a layer of corten steel to protect the building from the sun and from possible malice such as graffiti, blows and other nocturnal acts.



The location of this space—public and cultural—in the middle of an industrial park largely defined the personality of the building.

Another important factor was the presence of a road that ran parallel to the plot, exposing the roof of the building. Under these two premises arose the idea of designing a building that would break completely with the prefabricated and gray aesthetics of the surrounding industrial warehouses. In this way (shamelessly eye-catching) we intended to show off the public and transgressive nature of the Rockódromo.



The outer layer in corten steel is conceived as if it were a complement that puts the icing on the cake to a style, to an attitude. To us it symbolizes something attractive, like putting on a leather jacket before going to a rock concert.


We decided to pierce it with circles because the light that filters through is reminiscent of the sparkles from the mythical disco balls. This similarity allowed us to communicate outward the nocturnal and musical nature of the building.

Rockódromo. Pedreguer

One of the most beautiful things that we have been told about the building is that it seems that it has always been there. I think it is something precious, since in some way it has become part of the place, the landscape.