Architecture Studio in Valencia


Custom architecture

QB arquitectos is characterized by the search for a tailor-made architecture, totally personalized for each client, in the pursuit of an avant-garde, special and unique result, maximizing the attention to all the details. Our architecture is characterized by the search for a unique landscape for each project, creating special interior and exterior atmospheres. We start the project based on the client’s objectives and conditions, always caring for the entire process from the general scale to the smallest detail and facilitating high-end simulations, the total understanding of what the final work will be.


About the architecture studio

The studio has carried out multiple projects in Valencia, since its creation in 2005.

Much of our activity is located in this city, as well as in Godella, Monasterios, Campolivar or Santa Bárbara. QB arquitectos is made up of a multidisciplinary team that provides each project with comprehensive and complete solutions. The studio, founded by Beatriz García Morales and Enrique Chapa, focuses its work on buildings, landscapes and teaching activities since years ago in Valencia.


Currently the studio develops its work in different areas across Spain, especially Alicante, Valencia and Madrid, focusing on single-family homes, reforms, residential buildings, rehabilitations, commercial spaces and public buildings, understanding each project as a new challenge through which we commit to fulfilling our client’s objectives.


Integral service

A project is a complex process in which different variables intervene. For us, this is a process that should be enjoyed and in which we accompany and help our clients through a team specialized in different fields, advising them in the search for plots, study of costs, deadlines, administrative procedures, processing of licenses, even in the choice of the best builder to make the project a reality, making the entire process much easier. Our first objective is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and provide them with all decisions throughout the process. Our client usually has an international profile, so it is very important accompany the client throughout the process, promoting good communication. At our studio, our team members know English, German and French.



A large part of our projects are centered in Valencia, having full knowledge of this city. A place of reference in terms of architecture, design and culture.

A city that is part of the identity of our studio since the days of Francisco Mora, Enrique Chapa’s great-grandfather, who was the municipal architect of the Eixample of Valencia, carrying out multiple works in Valencia, including the Mercado de Colón, the new town hall, the Palace of the Regional Exhibition, among others.

The studio has carried out various works, from the curatorship of the Transformed Landscapes Exhibition for the three-Michelin-starred chef Quique Dacosta at the Museum of Illustration and Modernity in Valencia, as well as single-family homes, office buildings and various reforms of residential buildings.

Proyectos destacados en Valencia

Casa Entre Pinos
House at Los Monasterios
Paisajes transformados
Selección de proyectos representativos años 2005-2020
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Godella, Valencia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Calle Rosa. Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Las Matas, Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Les Rotas. Denia.
  • Edificio de 24 viviendas en Denia. Las Olas.
  • Edificio de 30 viviendas en Denia. Las Marinas.
  • Hotel en Las Marinas. Dénia
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Colonia del Montgó, Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Llentiscle,Jávea, Alicante.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Rocafort, Valencia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Mercuri, Las Rotas, Denia.
  • Restaurante Platoteca. Denia.
  • Restaurante La vermutería. Dénia
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Calle Pleiades, Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en La Xara, Alicante.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Lavapies, Madrid.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en La Pontana, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Avda. Joan Fuster, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Avda. dels Furs, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Las Rotas, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Marqués de Campo, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Calle Eurídice, Dénia.
  • Edificio de 24 viviendas de VPO en Orihuela, Alicante. IVVSA. Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda (en construcción)
  • Edificio polivalentel Real Club Naútico Dénia.
  • Ampliación Cementerio de Pedreguer. Alicante
  • Espacio de Meditación.
  • Oficinas municipales para rastro.
  • Peatonalización Calle Diana de Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Les Rotas. Denia.
  • Ecoparque.
  • Nave industrial en Denia.
  • Rotonda en Pedreguer en colaboración con el escultor Toni Marí.
  • Edificio 4 viviendas en Ondara.
  • Ampliación Edifico de oficinas de Real Promociones.
  • Nave industrial en Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid.
  • Rehabilitación antigua Lonja de Denia
  • Reforma Exposición y oficinas Hermanos Pons.
  • Rehabilitación Ayuntamiento de Pedreguer.
  • Reforma Optica Pupiles, Ondara.
  • Reforma Espai Jove.
  • Reforma interior y fachada de tienda para Orange en Paseo del Saladar. Denia.
  • Reforma interior y fachada de tienda para Mango en Calle Marqués de Campo Denia.
  • Remodelación “Plaza Carles D’Austria”
  • Remodelación Plaza La Glorieta.
  • Remodelación Plaza del Arrabal en Adsubia.
  • Rehabilitación Edificio “Trinquet”
  • Rehabilitación vivienda en Ondara.
  • Rehabilitación vivienda en Dénia.
  • Rehabilitación vivienda unifamiliar en Marquesa, Denia.
  • Reforma Nave industrial en Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Lagasca. Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en la Latina Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Claudio Coello. Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Calle Ciscar, Valencia.
  • Reforma interior Hotel Bellroy. Benidorm.