Expo Quique Dacosta

This has been one of our most special projects because it stripped us of our creative facet and, instead, positioned us as observers. For us it was an adventure and a privilege to be able to dissect and honor the work of another creator whom we deeply admire: the chef awarded with 3 Michelin stars, Quique Dacosta.



YEAR Julio 2015/enero 2016


The journey of the argonaut

Upon accessing it, visitors begin a journey through the evolution in the treatment of the landscape in the chef’s dishes.

Seven of his iconic dishes are displayed along the way, like delicate works of art on a blank canvas.

Each dish is associated with concepts that go beyond mere food. We talk about the dream world, about geometry in nature, the diffuse limits of perception, the dynamism of natural elements, moments of transition such as source of life, the recreation of a mineral’s flavor or respect for original flavors. The spiral is also interpreted as the constant and endless transformation and growth of Dacosta, who understands his work as a continuous learning process.


Everyday landscapes

This block reproduces the everyday landscape of action: Quique Dacosta’s kitchen. We wanted to represent the theatrical character that Quique gives to his menus; understood as a play divided into acts. To do this, we staged the hustle and bustle that his team experiences every day in the restaurant’s kitchen. In this audiovisual montage we wanted to make it clear that it is a hustle and bustle under control. Everything is millimetrically measured and supervised by Quique, who adopts a role similar to that of an orchestra conductor.


The landscapes of exteriority

In this block we show the physical and geographical landscapes that are part of Quique Dacosta’s daily life and that have shaped his gastronomic identity.

Its protagonists are the Montgó Natural Park in Denia and the Pego marsh.

The Montgó represents for Quique his conceptual pantry and absolute respect for nature. For its part, the marsh plays a role as gastronomic foundation, with rice as the undisputed king of the Valencian kitchen and always present in its menus.


Toured landscapes

This third block shows a photographic exhibition by Sergio Coimbra where he exhibits the landscapes created by Quique.

Landscapes that are none other than his own dishes presented as contemporary landscapes. Landscapes that portray his vanguard, technique and extraordinary creativity.


Intimate landscapes

In this last block, we analyze the menu that he created during the period when this exhibition took place (2015-2016).

At that time, Dacosta had set aside his geographical references, and after an exercise of introspection, captured his concerns, obsessions and most intimate landscapes,

presenting his most personal menu to date.

Transformed landscapes

The idea of ​ this exhibition arose from a common place: both he and we felt greatly influenced by the effect of the landscape in our creations. This presence of the landscape as a predominant element encouraged us to evaluate Quique’s gastronomy from a more academic than culinary perspective. And we did it because, regardless of the type of food one likes, it is indisputable that his dishes are small ephemeral works of art: conceptual in their ideation, plastic in their preparation, and highly impressive on a sensory level.

Selección de proyectos representativos años 2005-2020
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Godella, Valencia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Calle Rosa. Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Las Matas, Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Les Rotas. Denia.
  • Edificio de 24 viviendas en Denia. Las Olas.
  • Edificio de 30 viviendas en Denia. Las Marinas.
  • Hotel en Las Marinas. Dénia
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Colonia del Montgó, Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Llentiscle,Jávea, Alicante.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Rocafort, Valencia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Mercuri, Las Rotas, Denia.
  • Restaurante Platoteca. Denia.
  • Restaurante La vermutería. Dénia
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Calle Pleiades, Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en La Xara, Alicante.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Lavapies, Madrid.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en La Pontana, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Avda. Joan Fuster, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Avda. dels Furs, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Las Rotas, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Marqués de Campo, Dénia.
  • Reforma integral de vivienda en Calle Eurídice, Dénia.
  • Edificio de 24 viviendas de VPO en Orihuela, Alicante. IVVSA. Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda (en construcción)
  • Edificio polivalentel Real Club Naútico Dénia.
  • Ampliación Cementerio de Pedreguer. Alicante
  • Espacio de Meditación.
  • Oficinas municipales para rastro.
  • Peatonalización Calle Diana de Denia.
  • Vivienda unifamiliar en Les Rotas. Denia.
  • Ecoparque.
  • Nave industrial en Denia.
  • Rotonda en Pedreguer en colaboración con el escultor Toni Marí.
  • Edificio 4 viviendas en Ondara.
  • Ampliación Edifico de oficinas de Real Promociones.
  • Nave industrial en Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid.
  • Rehabilitación antigua Lonja de Denia
  • Reforma Exposición y oficinas Hermanos Pons.
  • Rehabilitación Ayuntamiento de Pedreguer.
  • Reforma Optica Pupiles, Ondara.
  • Reforma Espai Jove.
  • Reforma interior y fachada de tienda para Orange en Paseo del Saladar. Denia.
  • Reforma interior y fachada de tienda para Mango en Calle Marqués de Campo Denia.
  • Remodelación “Plaza Carles D’Austria”
  • Remodelación Plaza La Glorieta.
  • Remodelación Plaza del Arrabal en Adsubia.
  • Rehabilitación Edificio “Trinquet”
  • Rehabilitación vivienda en Ondara.
  • Rehabilitación vivienda en Dénia.
  • Rehabilitación vivienda unifamiliar en Marquesa, Denia.
  • Reforma Nave industrial en Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Lagasca. Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en la Latina Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Claudio Coello. Madrid.
  • Reforma integral vivienda en Calle Ciscar, Valencia.
  • Reforma interior Hotel Bellroy. Benidorm.