Denia Fish Market.

This architectural piece presented here arises from the respect and memory of the place, using activation mechanisms of the landscape, with the aim of perceiving the experiences of times past. The rehabilitation of the Old Denia Fish Market is proposed, maintaining the building’s protected elements and identity for the new Denia Tourist Office and multipurpose space.

SIZE 400m²


YEAR 2019




The foreground in contact with the ground, the metaphorical plane of the boxes of fish left by the Fishermen, the plane of the sea, generated from a floor pixelized with fish scales.

A floor tailor-made with glazed ceramic using an artisan process by the ceramist Cumella.

A landscape created through angular, scaled pieces that dialogue with the sea, establishing a connection that erases the border with the sea.



Landscape Concept

It is an object-condenser that provides an atmosphere on the border between the present and the past. To achieve this atmosphere, two lines of action are proposed based on the main elements upon which action is taken:  ground plane and roof.

Access from the outside is a path on a pixelized sheet that accompanies us next to the sea and the fishing boats, giving the sensation of walking upon a raised sheet of water, which makes up the starting horizontal plane, sparking the sensation of floating, entering the interior where the light is pixelized and the pavement blurs to become a moving plane generated by the changes in luminosity on the roof, staging a scenery prone to generating the sensation of movement, while the seascape is framed by the windows.



Secondly, the roof as an element that filters light through the nets, those nets that fishermen still spread out to repair and clean, protected by the fish market.

A light and transparent cover, which seeks to establish in the vertical plane of vision, a visual relationship with the sky, a fundamental element for the life of the Fishermen, giving this vision a perceptive character that is more phenomenological than literal, a kind of sfumatto, veiled, achieved through the use of a mesh, a net, which in turn is sensitive, permeable, to the atmospheric conditions of the space that separates us from the sky, constituting a “diffuse limit” that, together with the colored scales, recreate a temporal and spatial game that everyone can experience in their own way.

This new roof dialogues with its geometry with the metallic structures of the port and the existing water banks.

La lonja

The Fish Market resurfaces from the respect and memory of the place, the sea and the fishermen.

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