The Garden of

One-story house designed to introduce the landscape into the rooms. The superimposition of different layers of materials acts like a layered envelope that helps the landscape infiltrate the interior. For its inhabitants, waking up in this house each day is like waking up in the garden of delights

SIZE 320m²


YEAR 2017


Landscape Concept

The project was born from the desire of its owners to be in full contact with nature.

Accustomed to living in an apartment, with views that are as wonderful as they are unattainable, they decided to stop contemplating the landscape as if it were a painting to instead immerse themselves in it with all their senses. Under this premise we work on the design of a house in which the limits between the exterior and the interior are blurred and create a space without borders between the house’s different rooms.



Inspired by the pine forest near the plot, we designed a ceramic lattice that emulates the flashes of natural light filtered by the pine needles. This lattice provides privacy to the bedrooms and gives them a pixelated light similar to the one that sneaks through the slits of a half-open blind. It also acts as a second skin that embraces and comforts. The irregular arrangement of the pieces is reminiscent of those running stitches that appeared in the sweaters knitted by mothers and grandmothers and that are so linked to the feeling of home.



The longitudinal nature of the plot marked the house’s folded shape. We wanted to avoid raising more than one height for two reasons: not to be invasive with the landscape of the area and to encourage transitions between indoor life and activities in the garden. Thus, the floor of the house ends up occupying most of the plot: inside and outside are one. The rigidity of this concrete fold is attenuated by wrapping it in other materials that give it softness and warmth. The glazed patios create small bubbles of light that connect the spaces, bringing nature into the home.

The Garden of Earthly Delights

One of the most beautiful things that we have been told about the house is that it seems that it has always been there. I think it is something precious, since in some way it has become part of the place, the landscape.

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