In an existing home in a privileged setting of Mallorca, the owners consider creating a large, independent outdoor living room that can be used both in summer and winter in direct relationship with nature, but at the same time protected from it and integrated with the island.

SIZE 120m²


YEAR 2022


Landscape Concept

Our clients described to us about the place of their dreams, where they could enjoy their family and friends in an intimate, cozy space, but simultaneously open to nature. From this starting point, a space is proposed in which the limits between exterior and interior are blurred, a great space to enjoy the fireplace in winter, to cook with our family or take a shower in an outdoor patio surrounded by vegetation.



From here we work with local materials typical of the island, such as Majorcan vaults, latticework and ceramic bricks made by a local craftsman. A place which makes us feel at home and at the same time opens to the outside, generated with very natural and noble materials that remind us of the landscape of Mallorca.




We are in a plot with privileged surroundings in which we want to integrate, looking for a space with a timeless character, an austere but sophisticated space, which seems to have always been there, but adapting it to the present. A horizontal plane that seems to be floating upon a fine structure and ceramic walls with a very natural character.

Casa Coanegra

The dream of a place where you can share good times with family and friends from a homey space but open to the outside, makes us create this place where you can find shelter, happiness, a space for relationships surrounded by nature.