A home that, conditioned by its exceptional location among pine trees and the interest in maintaining them, generates a fragmented house that gradually adapts to the topography of the land and the pre-existing vegetation.

SIZE 480m²


YEAR 2022


Landscape Concept

The house becomes part of the landscape, working with natural materials such as stone and wood, achieving shades typical of the plot, such as ocher and earth.



A totally natural skin is created that takes on the tones of nature, with horizontal bands created with the earth from the plot itself, seeking local human and material resources alike, for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction.




The house is understood to be fragmented on the outside, while it extends on the inside, creating a visual relationship between the different spaces with the exterior space.

Different spaces for socializing are generated, with various orientations for enjoying the outdoor areas year-round.

Acus House

A house that makes us feel in our own refuge, surrounded by nature, in our home. Sustainable architecture through materials, architectural configuration, orientation, study of climatic conditions and a series of measures for high energy savings, together with a superior degree of insulation, aerothermal system, air renewal, etc.